RxAutoImage Pro 97 R14

RxAutoImage Pro 97 R14

Rasterex International of Norway and its North American distributor Expert Graphics have a long history in AutoCAD-based imaging applications. The old RxVectory program (still available, by the way) was one of the beste in both its DOS and earlier Windows versions.

Rasterex provides what is probably the most capable and complete solution for AutoCAD users.

presse-rxautoimage-pro-97-r14-screenshot | RxAutoImage Pro 97 R14
Figure 5. RxAutoImage Pro 97's one-step AutoCorrect feature automatically despeckles, deskews, and fits the image to your paper size.

Now Rasterex provides what is probably the most capable and complete raster solution for AutoCAD users. Several products are available, starting at $1,995; I reviewed the top-of-the-line RxAutoImage Pro 97.

Rasterex takes Release 14's built-in ability to loead, display, and plot raster images and adds to it highly developed routines for image cleanup, object-based raster editing, and interactive or automatic raster-to-vector conversion.

Raster editing can be astonishing.

RxAutoImage Pro installs from CD-ROM onto slightly less than 10MB of hard disk space. It supports all standard raster formats recognized by Release 14, as well as RLC, EDMICS, GEM Image, and US Navy NIFF. Documentation appears thorough enough, but jumps right [...]